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Your story, tailored just for you.

Capture your special day with our stunning Wedding videography with multiple one of a kind packages to choose from. Serving north carolina, South carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. 

Included with every video package:

Full video coverage.

Never miss a moment.

*Drone coverage is standard with every package. restrictions may apply.

“One is none. two is one.”


CAM 2 (variable):
Grooms' reaction.


CAM 1 (fixed):


CAM 2 (variable):

Walk down the aisle.


Rings / kisses.

Crowd reaction.

Walk out.

4K HDR finishing.

Vivid colors. More details.



Audio Mastering.

Audio mix like the pros!


Unmastered mix

Mastered mix

But wait..

isn't all of this Hollywood stuff,

a bit of an over-kill? 🤔

More and more consumer TV & audio brands are embracing 4K HDR & high quality audio as a standard in their systems.

Their products are going to get in the hands of more consumers as the cost drops down.


Wether you already have such a system in place or planning to get one, our videos are future proof & will be fully compatible with these systems to deliver the ultimate cinematic, Streaming-standard experience. 

We think of your wedding story as a timeless piece!

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